Serendipity Infusions welcomes our very first tea pet to our tea family!


Never heard of a tea pet?


Neither had we until idle curiousity took over during the holidays and we discovered the Gong Fu tea ceremony.


Traditionally made out of Yixing clay, these purple clay pets accompany the clay teapots used in the Gong Fu tea ceremony and are used as a bit of interest to pour the first (bitter) brew of green tea over before topping the teapot up again to serve the milder, sweeter second brewing.


The more you feed your tea pet, the smoother they become until they eventually take on the scent of the tea used. For this reason it is recommended to only pour one type of tea over them. We've chosen to feed our tea pet, Chai, our beautiful China Jasmine green tea.


Dimensions: 8cm x 4cm x 3.5cm

Sizes may vary slightly.

(Teapot not included).

Buddha Tea Pet


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