Thank you for your patience over the last couple of months. Now that the lockdown is easing up slightly, we've made the decision to start selling again. 

Things might take slightly longer now, especially with postage, so please continue to bear with us.

We're Back

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About Us

We are an independent tea specialist who has since expanded into coffee and hot chocolate. For us, here at Serendipity Infusions Ltd, it's all about the taste experience. We have created our own special blends of tea and if you haven't tried our Vegan, sugar-free, instant hot chocolate yet, well let's just say you're missing out!


We are currently out of stock of Coffee and are looking for a new local roaster.


Tea of the Month

Watch out for our pick of the month! This tea is not to be missed.

Fire Chai

Fire Chai


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For questions about any of our products, help with placing your order, or if you just want to say hi, please don't hesitate to contact us:


Email:  info@serendipityinfusions.co.uk   

Phone:  07719 508597

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